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Asset Based Finance
Merchant Cash Advance
A/R Finance

Businesses that may not qualify for a traditional bank loan because of low balance sheet ratios and cash flow shortages can use their accounts receivable and inventory as collateral in asset-based financing. A percentage of the value of the company’s assets is used to determine a revolving line of credit from which you can draw what you need when you need it. Interest is only charged on funds that have been drawn, making it more flexible and less expensive than a term loan.


This type of financing is ideal for businesses, with credit-worthy customers, that may be growing faster than their working capital or for businesses that may experience an interruption in their cash flow because of seasonal demands or industry cycles. It provides immediate and stable capital that can also be used for operating expenses, company restructuring and growth.



  • 3 months minimum time in business.

  • $10,000 per month in average monthly sales.

  • Perfect credit not required.




  • Complete the funding application.

  • Calculate your pre-approval amount.

  • A funding specialist will contact you.




  • Money in the bank in 1 to 3 days.

  • From $5,000 to $500,000

  • Amount up to 150% of monthly gross deposits.




  • No large monthly payback amounts.

  • Auto pay so you never miss a payment.





Even if business is booming, unpaid invoices can stunt a company’s ability to grow or meet its operating expenses. Without a healthy and consistent cash flow, a small or new business may struggle to stay afloat and an established one may lack the working capital to meet the demands of a growing business.

Accounts receivable financing converts your business’s sales on credit terms into instant cash flow. Unlike traditional lenders, we recognize your accounts receivable as assets because the work (or exchange of goods) has already been completed. They are treated as collateral against which you, the business owner, can draw cash. Bank loans take longer to approve and may be difficult for newer businesses to acquire. Financing accounts receivable, on the other hand, has a quick approval process and is not a loan that will create debt for your company.

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