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Citizens Capital is a nationwide lender focused on financing and leasing manufacturing equipment, IT equipment, medical equipment and heavy machinery in amounts above $100,000.


We also have expert Account Managers serving more than 25 industries. Citizens has funded over $1 Billion for U.S businesses from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. We designate an Account Manager who will remain with your business from throughout the term of your lease or loan. 

We have access to several billion dollars in capital for businesses to use on equipment leasing and equipment financing combined with a team of experienced Account Executives who focus on creating and maintaining excellent customer relations. With our resources, we can serve not only the nation’s larger corporations, but also the mid-sized and small businesses that make up the foundation of American business.

With the continuous advancements being made in technology, the business environment is more competitive than ever. At Citizens Capital, we strive to keep your business ahead of the competition by offering our services to help you attain and preserve the liquidity your business needs.  

We build relationships by providing value-added finance solutions focused on customer success. We offer a diversity of programs geared towards both popular and niche business. When it comes to equipment leasing, you'll find that we offer premier services, competitive prices and a wide variety of equipment to fit any of your needs. 

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